Deanna Bowen

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sum of the parts: what can be named

sum of the parts: what can be named is a performed oral history specially commissioned by VTape. The eighteen minute video recounts the 'disremembered' journey of the Bowen family from its earliest documented history in Clinton, Jones County, Georgia in 1815, as told by Bowen herself.

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med. resolution flash video: sum of the parts: what can be named. 18:00 minutes, colour, HD. Single Channel Projection

oral history transcript for sum of the parts: what can be named


Director, Producer, Narration, Research: Deanna Bowen

Co-Producer: Scott McLaren

Videography: Christopher Behnisch

Editor: Paul Hili

Assistant Editor: Kailey Birk, John Verhaeven

Production Assistant: Annie Cheung

Sound Restoration: Josh Vamos

Post Production Facilities: Fearless Films Post Production

Commissioned and Distributed by: VTape


sum of the parts:

sum of the parts is a project that involves the research and production of an experimental documentary about the migration of Black pioneers from the South Western U.S. to Western Canada in the early 1900’s. This wave of homesteaders includes my great grandparents Jeanie and Willis Bowen Sr. who migrated to Amber Valley, Alberta from Guthrie, Oklahoma in 1909.

Research for sum of the parts is based on transcribed oral histories "Memories of my Father Willis Reese Bowen" Part I and Part II, as told by great aunt Willa (Bowen) Dallard

photo: Deanna Bowen, Jason Ebanks, Christina Battle, Kennard Bowen. Montgomery, Alabama. July, 2006

photo: Kennard (rear, 3rd from right), Deanna, Doris Peagler (rear, 2nd from left), Sarah Powell (rear, 2nd from right) and family. Greenville, Alabama. July, 2006

photo: Pine Flat Plantation. Pine Flat, Alabama. July, 2006

photo: Christina Battle, Jason Ebanks, Kennard Bowen, Doris Peagler and Sarah Powell in the cotton fields. Pine Flat, Alabama. July, 2006

photo: Kennard, Jason, and Christina shooting the smokehouse. Pine Flat Plantation rear. Pine Flat, Alabama. July, 2006

photo: Christina shooting the Poole family cotton gin. Pine Flat Plantation. Pine Flat, Alabama. July, 2006


Director, Producer, Research: Deanna Bowen

Research cinematography: Christina Battle

Research videography: Jason Ebanks

Research, Production Assistant: Kennard Bowen

Funded by the Canada Council for the Arts and the Canadian Race Relations Foundation.

Additional Research Support from: A Space Gallery