Video Still:  Grist.  2002, 9:15 mins, Colour, Beta SP, Dual Channel Video Installation

Grist is loosely based upon the similarities between animal and human behaviour in flawed environments. Using the biblical story of Cain & Abel, the project proposes that a complex mixture of inheritance, circumstance and fate determine an individual’s life course. Based on an assumption that Adam and Eve’s post-expulsion environment could be deemed inferior, flawed, or faulty, Grist suggests that this environment transforms desire, which in turn transforms environment… creating a cyclical network of self made and innate obstacles.



Writer, Director, Producer, Sound Editor, & Computer Animation: Deanna Bowen

Cain – James Baldwin

Abel – David Hamen

Eve – Robyn Sanford

ASL Interpreters: Nancie Anderson, Jo Bennett, Sue Kean, Anna Lawley, Carolyn Lesonsky

Sincere Thanks to: The Canadian Hearing Society

Narration: Nancy Macleod

Director of Photography: Marcos Arriaga

Camera Assistant/Follow Focus: Serhat Yalcinkaya

Additional Camera Assistance: Guillermo Marin

Gaffer: Gerry Mendoza, Quin Martin

Sound Recordist: Christina Battle

Boom Operator: Cuthbert Duncan

Sound Mixer: Julie Saragosa

Dolly: Clayton Shert, Chris Leach

Equipment & Post Production Facilities: The Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto

Stock Footage: NGT Film Library

Funded by the Ontario Arts Council