Imitation of Life (A Hypothesis).  2008, 8:26:22 minutes, Colour, DVD, Looping Single Channel Video projection

Gospel is an interdisciplinary suite of works that explore complex notions of trauma and recurrent sorrow. Alternately framed as a song of loss and longing, the combined works form a surreal semi-autobiographical account of a daughter’s repudiation of mother, family, and home. The suite combines photographs of found hymn books, a sculptural/audio work, and a single channel video projection that uses appropriated footage from King Vidor’s “Hallelujah” and John Stahl & Douglas Sirk’s “Imitation of Life.”


Installation view – “Hymnals.2008, Variable Dimensions, Archival Inkjet Print on Epson Photo Paper.


Detail:  Spiritual Life Songs: (Cokesbury Press. Nashville, Tennessee, n.d.). 2007, Archival Inkjet Print on Epson Photo Paper, 48.25 X 30.75 inches


Detail: Joyful Praise: (Song Book Press. Booneville, Arkansas, 1960). 2007; Worship in Song: (Lillenas Publishing Company. Kansas, Missouri, 1972).  2007, Archival Inkjet Print on Epson Photo Paper. 24.25 X 30.75 inches


Detail: World Wide Revival Songs: (The Stamps Quartet Company. Dallas, Texas, n.d.).  2007, Archival Inkjet Print on Epson Photo Paper. 48.25 X 30.75 inches


Detail: Treasury of Song: (Robert H. Coleman. Dallas, Texas, 1917), 2007; Christian Praise: (Fountain Press – Printing Division of Transylvania Bible School. Freeport, Pennsylvania, 1970).  2007,  Archival Inkjet Print on Epson Photo Paper. 24.25 X 30.75 inches


Detail: Songs of Faith and Hope: (Jennings and Graham. Cinncinati, Ohio, 1905).  2007, Archival Inkjet Print on Epson Photo Paper. 48.25 X 30.75 inches


Preacherman (Stela).  2008, Walnut Veneered Plywood, Speaker Cloth, stain, audio composition, mp3 player, powered speakers, miscellaneous hardware. Approx. 2ft w x 2ft d x 4ft h. Continuous play


Installation view – Imitation of Life (A Hypothesis)


Installation view: Preacherman (Stela), Imitation of Life (A Hypothesis)



Director, Producer, Picture Editing, Animation: Deanna Bowen

16 mm Cinematography: Christina Battle

Still Photography, Digital Priniting: Deanna Bowen

Sound Design: Chandra Bulucon, Puppy Machine Productions

Speaker Fabrication: Paul Gorrie